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Management of borders (International Border), restoration of law and order situation in the interior and fighting a Conventional/unconventional War are the three challenging assignments which a border-man is required to carry out. In short, these fundamental essentials make the "Training Trilogy" of BSF. Every Frontier of BSF has been provided with an STC, with the exception to Malda & South Bengal Frontiers, to train its troops. As this Frontier does not have a Subsidiary Training Centre, training is being conducted only for Constables and Head Constable. Training of SOs is being conducted at TC & S Hazaribagh(Jharkhand).

Objectives of Training

  1. High standard of fitness of individuals to carry out allotted role efficiently and effectively during peace as well as war.
  2. Train Sub-unit/units to function as a cohesive force in all situations.
  3. Train Commanders to develop a high degree of responsibility and resourcefulness in them.
  4. Develop and practise new techniques/tactics to meet challenges of changing situations.
  5. Tone-up administration of units/sub-units by training men in different aspects of Administration.

Types of Training

On the Job training

On the job training is required to keep troops updated and abreast with the professional knowledge and to practise application of basic/applied knowledge in the form of exercises based on the job being performed by the troops at the BOPs. On the Job is being conducted in a phased manner concerning tasks to be performed at the BOPs, which include operational as well as Administration tasks.

Individual Training

Primary aim is to improve physical fitness, firing & individual skills. Secondary aim is to prepare them for collective and all other kinds of training.

Collective Training

Aim of the collective training is to knit individual into a cohesive team to carry out the assigned task.

Night Training

Aim of the night training is to train individuals to execute all activities during night.

Pre-induction training

This portion of training prepares jawans for deployment in specific areas.

Specialist Training

This training is imparted to handle specialized equipments and procedures.

One NDRF (National Disaster Response/Relief Force) is also under this Frontier which is trained in handling various disasters including those caused due to Nuclear, Biological and Chemical reasons.

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